The use of Highland bulls on commercial cows virtually eliminates calving problems and increases calf survival with string and healthy calves.

Cross-bred calves will retain their familiar appearance.  The horns are recessive and will disappear when bred to a polled animal.

Maximum hybrid "kick".  Research has found the gains in cross breeding cattle are proportional to the genetic diversity of the animals crossed.  As Highlands have been virtually untampered with the 12th century, their genetics are quite different from most other cattle.  This provides maximum heterosis effect in cross-breeding.

Highland cross calves will have increased vigor and hardiness, as well as natural disease resistance, forage ablility and high efficiency.

Highland cross steers gain and grade well.  Dressing percentages of a 62-65% are common, with ample marbling and no wasted back-fat.  Cross-bred steers can be finished on grass with minimal grain or in feedlots.

Highland cross heifers make ideal commercial brood cows.  Medium-sized, economical to feed and handle, they calve without assistance.  These devoted, protective mothers minimize predator problems.  They have high butterfat milk to feed a large calf to full potential and long productive lives.