Highlands are not an exotic breed.  The economic benefits are many.

Highlands are truly easy calvers.  Birth weights of 60 - 75 pounds, the calves' moderate bone structure and slim conformation along with the cow's wide pelvic structure reduce calving problems such as caesarean and prolapse.

Cows display high fertility and regularity of calving.  Highland bulls are aggressive as herd sires.

Highland mild is high in butterfat, producing vigorous calves with steady weight  gains.  Cows have superior udder quality and small teats.

Their horns provide predator protection.  Their long bangs (dossan) protect the eyes and shorter legs means fewer foot and leg problems.

Mature Highland cows average 900 - 1200 pounds.  It is not unusual to have a 17 - 19 year old cow producing calves.